The Fencing Fox software complies with the FIE requirements to manage competitions.

It provides the following functionalities :

- Planning of the event : computation of times in parallel tracks

- Poule and tableau handling

- Handling of teams or italian relays

- Illimited poule size

- Repechage, fenced places, derived competitions, progressive entries

- Backtracking on competition workflow in case of errors

- Automatic backup

- Handisport features

- Easy transfer of a competition state from one computer to another

- Referee random drawing according to affiliation criteria, piste planning

- Generation of colour PDF result files

- English, French, Italian versions

- FIE xml files import/export, cvs import

- Web result publication


The AppStore version does not allow scoring machine connection but the inline version does.

- Connection to scoring machines using the Cyrano FIE standard

- Remote display of results on screens

- Hit by hit real time display

- Piste remote monitoring


The FIE version provides all features to handle international competitions and is available on request.