June 2024 : Fencing Fox was selected for Tournoi Guillaume d'Orange satellite IWAS tournament

Fencing Fox was providing live results on screen, as well as web results on https://fencingfox.com/resultats

The videos are available on IWAS youtube channel

March 2024 : Fencing Fox was used for Loisirs Tournament of Club d'Escrime d'Antibes

Congratulations to all participants ! Results are online on https://fencingfox.com/resultats

February 2024 : Fencing Fox score input using smartapp was used on Open de Paris for the whole competition, with 24 referees.

Around 200 participants, which doubles from 2023 ! Congratulations to Paris Escrime Sporting Club

November 2023 Fencing Fox has been now optimized to run on superfast M1 Mac processors

Language selection (choice from 7 languages) now works on Mac

June 2023 French Wheelchair Fencing Championship in Sarrebourg
The tournament was using 10 connected scoring devices throughout the competitions, not only for finals. Fencers received SMS with piste and schedule, and the push of scores to web in real time was a success
May 2023 Tournoi Guillaume d'Orange - Satellite IWAS
Fencing Fox was a sponsor of the tournament and has provided the video streaming system, as well as score display with photos on large screens.
Videos are available on IWAS channel :
May 2023 Tournoi de la Rapière in Switzerland
The tournament has used smartphones connected to the central software to draw the upper teams and select fencer order in teams. In this way, it was possible to enter easily all individual scores in results.
April 2023 Open de Paris teams
Open de Paris has used the Fencing Fox web app to enter scores and team composition with smartphones. Poules with teams of 2 were in 2 bouts, DE in 4 bouts.
March 2023
Mars 2023 Trophée Chardonneaux in Antibes
Trophée Chardonneaux was played on March 18th inEcole d'escrime d'Antibes. Congratulations to winners !
Fencing Fox result web site allows sharing individual results using Facebook
February 2023
There was almost 100 participants in Open de Paris M9 M11 for a foil competition on February 19th. The organizers used the new module to check in participants on tablets connected to the software. The results were entered using smartphones on wifi and published on internet avoiding paper waste.
January 2023
Results of Courbevoie
Classement hommes
Classement dames
Classement equipes
October 2022
    LCI TV broadcast has published a reportage on Challenge de la Ville de Chatillon.
    This reportage shows the screens used for real time results by Fencing Fox.
    Thanks to Estoc et Taille from Chatillon for organizing this tournament.
September 2022

    The French Federation a renewed its contract to Fencing Fox to visualize competition results from its extranet. 

    Just follow to blue fencer on the FFE result site to view our result platform !


June 2022
Fencing Fox was present on 2 important handisport competitions in Sarrebourg, with 10 connected scoring machines throughout the competition (poules and tableaux) and in Orange in the superb arena of Theatre Antique d'Orange.
Thanks to  Cercle d'Escrime Orangeois for their organisation

April 2022

    Fencing Fox result site is used by  Fédération Française d'Escrime (FFE) to display french competition results. This site may accept results from all fencing software used in France (Fencing Fox, En Garde, Belle Poule), thanks to the FIE standard version 3.3 of fencing competition XML results.

    La page est accessible depuis le site de la FFE dans l'onglet "Résultats de compétitions".


Decembre 2021

Fencing Fox has handled the women epee team veteran National Circuit in Le Havre with the same formula as Soissons. The results were displayed using a videoprojector, and score input using smarpthones has been used partially.


November 2021

Fencing Fox has been used on National Circuit epee dames in Soissons, with a new formula with a unique poule of 15 teams. Web results allow to see details for each team match.




September 2021

Fencing Fox offers now QR codes for Mac computers with high resolution (Retina screens) to offer remote score input with smarpthones (Android or IOS)

QR Code

June 28th 2021

    Fencing Fox allows now handling of large poules of any size with full generation of the bouts order with fair intervals between fencers.

    grosse poule

May 28th 2021

    Fencing Fox allows now document layout with selection of columns and their widths.

May 5th 2021

    Fencing Fox offers a new service for sending schedule information to fencers using SMS. This allows international phone numbers and individual text or group sending (for instance for poules, tableaux). To fencers or referees.

    April 7th 2021

    Fencing Fox offers a new service for automatic web result publishing. On demand, scores are published every minute on our web site, for almost real time experience. This can be managed through a new service in the service interface.


    January 31st 2021

    Fencing Fox has been used for a sabre Trophee in Insep with the best French sabre fencers.



    October 25th 2020

            Fencing Fox would like to thank the Future Champions Camp for its coverage on Instagram of using smartphones in competition


    September 2020 : Fencing Fox has implemented the new video-refereeing statistics from the FIE

                See bout score sheet

June 2020 : Fencing Fox has implemented the new FIE communication protocol Cyrano 1.1, allowing display of the real time scoring machine chronometer up to 1/10th of second.

            See video

Fencing Fox is official partner of Tournoi de Villemomble

Tournament web site



Fencing Fox is official partner of Circuit des Jeunes Lames in Ciney, Belgium, March 7th and 8th 2020.

The software has been used for the Seagames International championship in Singapore, June 2015.
And in connected mode at in X-Systra Fencing Challenge in 2015. Look at the overhead display on the videos