Fencing Fox comes with an integrated web server allowing to enter score results using smart phones.

The computer running the software and the smart phones need to be connected to the same wifi network, but the wifi network does not need to be connected to the internet, sparing subscriptions.

Fencing Fox serves a web app, not an app, and thus any phone or tablet with a browser can be used.

The web URLs are encoded and a login with password can enhance security.

No space needed on the phone to store an app, no struggle with Android/IOS issues.

The architecture is the following:

Wifi architecture

The telephone must be able to scan QRCodes (an app is needed on Android, on IOS the camera is enough).


A list of matches is then presented on the phone

It is possible to enter the score using the smartphone

It is also possible to sign on the smartphone

It is also possible to see the scores in real time on the screens (click for the video)

More information in the documentation

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