April 2022

    Fencing Fox result site is used by  Fédération Française d'Escrime (FFE) to display french competition results. This site may accept results from all fencing software used in France (Fencing Fox, En Garde, Belle Poule), thanks to the FIE standard version 3.3 of fencing competition XML results.

    La page est accessible depuis le site de la FFE dans l'onglet "Résultats de compétitions".


Decembre 2021

Fencing Fox has handled the women epee team veteran National Circuit in Le Havre with the same formula as Soissons. The results were displayed using a videoprojector, and score input using smarpthones has been used partially.


November 2021

Fencing Fox has been used on National Circuit epee dames in Soissons, with a new formula with a unique poule of 15 teams. Web results allow to see details for each team match.




September 2021

Fencing Fox offers now QR codes for Mac computers with high resolution (Retina screens) to offer remote score input with smarpthones (Android or IOS)

QR Code

June 28th 2021

    Fencing Fox allows now handling of large poules of any size with full generation of the bouts order with fair intervals between fencers.

    grosse poule

May 28th 2021

    Fencing Fox allows now document layout with selection of columns and their widths.

May 5th 2021

    Fencing Fox offers a new service for sending schedule information to fencers using SMS. This allows international phone numbers and individual text or group sending (for instance for poules, tableaux). To fencers or referees.

    April 7th 2021

    Fencing Fox offers a new service for automatic web result publishing. On demand, scores are published every minute on our web site, for almost real time experience. This can be managed through a new service in the service interface.


    January 31st 2021

    Fencing Fox has been used for a sabre Trophee in Insep with the best French sabre fencers.



    October 25th 2020

            Fencing Fox would like to thank the Future Champions Camp for its coverage on Instagram of using smartphones in competition


    September 2020 : Fencing Fox has implemented the new video-refereeing statistics from the FIE

                See bout score sheet

June 2020 : Fencing Fox has implemented the new FIE communication protocol Cyrano 1.1, allowing display of the real time scoring machine chronometer up to 1/10th of second.

            See video

Fencing Fox is official partner of Tournoi de Villemomble

Tournament web site



Fencing Fox is official partner of Circuit des Jeunes Lames in Ciney, Belgium, March 7th and 8th 2020.



Results Challenge de Senlis- Circuits Hauts de France


Fencing Fox has a new server version.

This version is available from the online shop, and allows collaborative work with several computers on the same competitions. It also enhances the robustness of the system.




Results of Open de Vienne


Hit by hit on screen when the software is connected to a scoring machine



New Fencing Fox trailer

pistes avec photos

Discover how to run a full fencing competition in one minute 34 seconds

Championnat de France Handisport in Nimes June 8th and 9th 2019

Video playlist

Results on : https://www.fencingfox.com/resultats?nom=NimesCDF2019


Championnats de France M17 foil in Narbonne May 18th and 19th 2019

Fencing Fox has been used in server mode to synchronize 2 areas results through the cloud.

Results are available.


Results of Challenge International Handisport de Sarrebourg

sabre damesfinale

The Challenge was using 10 connected pistes to monitor the progression of the competition on the displays in real time.



Fencing Fox was used for Circuit National Elite Epée Senior in Nimes, France on April 13th and 14th.


Results of Trophée Chardonneau in Antibes - Saturday March 16th



Results of la Roquette sur Siagne March 10th


The Pescalune 2019 tournament in Lunel has demonstrated the use of the server version on a real competition (146 fencers in one day). 2 computers were used in sync to enter results.


Fencing Fox will very soon release a server version. This will allow storing competitions in a database as weel as collaborative input of scores distributed on several computers. Here is a preview


Results of Tournoi des Pitchouns and of Tournoi Dutot in Toulouse (M15 sabre only - January 26th and 27th)


Results of Challenge de la Ville de Senlis and Tournoi de Zone Nord (Foil and sabre U15 - January 19th-20th)


Results of Circuit National handisport in Joinville (January 12th and 13th)



Fencing Fox is now available for 3 new languages : Chinese, German and Russian.


November 3rd 2018 : First competition with complete score inputs through smartphone for Circuit Regional d'Occitanie in Nimes



October 3rd 2018 : Fencing Fox is now available in Spanish.



Fencing Fox was used in parallel to mangage Memorial Ferdinand de Martinengo






July 15th: IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Championships U23 and U17 results


June 12th 2018 : Fencing Fox has received FIE final homologation.



Challenge International de Sarrebourg : results 2018.

Associated IWAS Satellite Tournament : 2018 results.

The competition was using simultaneously 10 scoring machines connected to Fencing Fox. Displays were showing 2 simultaneous competitions together with fenced places and derived competition (Tableau B).

The user guide for entering results with a smartphone connected to the software is availble in French and in English. The new general User Guide 2018 is available in French

April 15th 2018 : Tournoi des Joinvillais

IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Satellite Competition

February 18th 2018: Challenge de Senlis results

Fencing Fox already implements the new FIE standard dor XML result files (version 3.3).

It is possible to view your own XML results (from any software) by uploading it on Fencing Fox secure link.

January 14th 2018 : Results of Tournoi Interligue de Miramas results using Fencing Fox are here

December 20th 2017 : Results of Samorin tournament are here

December 10th 2017 : Results of Schiltigheim Christmas cup are here

December 4th 2017

The software was used for the swiss federal team tournament in la Chaux de Fonds.

Results are on the club's web site or here

June 30th 2017 : The new online version is up to date with the new French category rules.

The reference document is available here.


FFE The French Fencing Federation has agreed the Fencing Fox software in January 2017. It has selected Fencing Fox to manage U15 French Championship on June 16th 2017.

Official results are here


June 3-4 2017 : Results of Challenge International de Sarrebourg are available here



May 19th : a first version of the SmartApp is avialble. It allows direct input of results using a SmartPhone in connection with Fencing Fox


March 20th 2017 : The diaporama version for raspberry Pi is available for download.


Results of Championnat PACA M17 March 4th and 5th 2017

Referees table in Championnats de la Méditerranée January 27th -29th 2017 in Marseille.

table de marque

Results of Championnats de la Méditerranée


Results of Zone Sud Est competitions in Mandelieu, December 4th and 11th



Results of 19th Flemish Open in Gent , October 16th.



The first competition on Mac was held this week-end in Open de Poitiers with 186 participants.

Results are available here as well as on the club web site : https://stadepoitevin-escrime.fr



Screen capture showing upper team selection using the diaporama on a remote machine (Flash swf file).


May 9th 2016 : Coupe de Printemps Schiltigheim

May 1st 2016 : Critérium Régional du Cannet Rocheville

April 17th : Challenge Departemental de Sabre ASPTT Dijon

April 11th : Results of Tournoi International des Joinvillais (Handisport)

March 21st : Results of Championnat d'Alsace

Match 7th : the software is now compatible with Handisport competitions.


The software has been used for the Seagames International championship in Singapore, June 2015.
And in connected mode at in X-Systra Fencing Challenge in 2015. Look at the overhead display on the videos