Fencing competition management

Fencing Fox is a fencing competition software certifeid by the FIE. It runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. Robust and easy to use, it allows a great flexibility in competition formulas, with repechage, fenced places, teams. One single computer may manage several competitions.

diaporama poules

Real time result display

Fencing Fox allows real time network display on a large variety of devices (Raspberry, Mac, PC) and dynamically created screens. It is possible to display hit by hit results and piste score with photos.

Scoring machines connection

Fencing Fox connects to all scoring machines in the market (SG, Favero, Allstar) allowing name display and real time result capture. Several machines may connect to the same computer.


Smartphone score input

Fencing Fox allows score and card input from smartphones, including pcards. It has a double chrono for pcards. It is possible to get an updated list of bouts in team macthes according to fencers selection.

Server version

Fencing Fox has a server version connected to a database allowing synchronisation of results across several computers (possibly in the cloud) and enhancing result robustness.

Version serveur